Lighting Installations

I Install and replace light fittings; please take a look at some of the fittings in the range. You may visit the lighting fitting section always to see new types of fittings, refer also to LED lighting section in this website.
Ialso provide solutions to various lighting problems for example frequent lamp burnouts, loose connections, wrong connections. Please note that your lights must not share circuit breaker with plug sockets, aircons, alarm systems, stove, gate motor etc.

I Install Industrial Production Machines; single or three phase motors.

Installations of Electrical Distribution Meter Boxes. Installations Includes DB mounted digital or analogue meters. Also property boundary analogue electrical meter intallations.

Meter Boxes

Replacement of Primitive Energy Consuming Floodlights with Morden Low Energy Consuming LED's

Though ultra bright, LED flood lights consume low power as compared to older filament types. Please take a look at the pictures of both the old and new type of flood lights.

Swimming Pool Electrical Wirring

For repair/new installation fees and prices go to quotes page.

General Domestic Wirring

New and additional installations for houses or offices, renovations or alterations. For fees and prices go to quotes page.

Low Power High Intensity LED Lighting Conversions

Conversions of normal lighting seystems for mains supply to work in hamony with Solar supply systems. Replacements of primitive incandiscent lights with morden LED technology. Led lights are very bright yet they consume very less electrical energy compared to fluorescent, energy savers or incandiscent lamps.

Projector /Home Theatre Systems Installations

Installations of Projectors linked to Satelite dish, tv and home theatre systems. Though this may be a DIY, I help installing your wires via the ceiling. I can also help mounting your surround speakers on your wall or advise you on the needed components.



Domestic Plug Sockets Installations

I install ordinary 3 pin plug socket outlets; whether it be replacements of old or faulty plug sockets or new installations including PVC piping.
I also provide solutions to earth leakages or other tripping and overloding problems.

Installations of Electrical Distribution Boards.

Sewing Machines Connections

Sewing machines, single or three phase installations.

Underfloor Tubing/ Wirring

Electrical Installations for new buildings.

Small Distribution Boards

Installations of new electrical distribution boards, replacements of old circuit breakers or distribution boards. Please note; it is important to replace very older types of circuit breakers and those for residual current incase they fail to trip. Circuit breaker failure can burn a distribution board or cause fire and bring down a building. Earth leakage unit tripping failures can lead to electrocution.

Gate Motor Circuits

Gate motor circuits installations and repairs.

Electric Fencing/ Energisers

Installations of Electric Fencing and Energisers.

Stove Repairs/ Installations

Repair of stoves includes stove components replacements only, i.e if your plate is not working; then either your plate or your regulator or your wirring can be faulty. For repair fees and prices go to quotes page.

Geyser Installations

I also do plumbing geyser installations.